This page provides the links to various non-commercial hydrometric software, co-developed or used by members of the Groupe Doppler Hydrométrie.


 BaRatinAGE is a graphical working environment developed by Irstea to use the BaRatin Bayesian method for estimating stage-discharge rating curves and flow time series, as well as their uncertainties. Please write to the developers to accept the terms of the free and individual licence:


Barème is an operational tool for analysising velocity area-gaugings and for developing and reviewing rating curves. In French only, Barème is developed by Pierre-Marie Bechon (DREAL Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) and is used by the national hydrological services in France and more generally in the public sphere (river districts, universities, etc.).


 Fudaa-LSPIV is a graphical working environment for processing a video or a sequence of images by the Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) technique in order to calculate the velocity field at the surface of a flow as well as the discharge through one or several cross-sections. Fudaa-LSPIV is co-developed by EDF, Irstea and the DeltaCAD company, and it is distributed under a free GPL open source licence.


OURSIN is a software developed by CNR to calculate the uncertainty of a mobile-boat ADCP gauging according to a first-order uncertainty propagation method. OURSIN exists for the moment in French version, for RDI ADCPs with constant cell size. The software is distributed free of charge after sending an e-mail to and against signature of an agreement.


HYDRACCESS is a complete, homogenous and user-friendly software, available free of charge, for importing and storing various types of hydrological data in a Microsoft Access database, and for performing the basic treatments that a hydrologist may need. It makes it possible to manage hydrological databases and to easily perform a set of current treatments on the data including the computation of discharges from gauging data. It was developed by a hydrologist for hydrologists. Versions currently exist in French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Russian.


DEPJAU is a tool for entering river gauging data to calculate the discharge derived from velocity measurements made in different profiles along a transect. It is a simple and free utility developed by the BRGM.


GARDÉNIA is a hydrological modeling software developed by the BRGM, which is used for the lumped hydrological modelling of a catchment through a rainfall – streamflow – groundwater level budget.


QRev is a free software from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) OSW (Office of Surface Water) to postprocess ADCP gaugings (TRDI or SonTek), with a quality analysis and an optimisation of the bottom and top extrapolation options and parameters (Extrap).


VMT (Velocity Mapping Toolbox) is a free post-processing software for ADCP measurements (TRDI or SonTek) for flow current mapping. 3D velocity fields can be displayed and exported to GIS.

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